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Self-love and self-care go hand in hand. Kick-start the journey with the benefits of Green Coffee, Green Tea and Grape Seed extracts. 


Our expertly-curated blend activates your fat-burning mechanism, regulates your appetite and helps you maintain digestive health so you can become your fittest self.


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How it helps 

Garcinia Cambogia: Regulates appetite and fat production

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Improves biomarkers, with caffeine stimulating weight loss and chlorogenic acid acting as an antioxidant 

Green Tea Extract: Accelerates exercise recovery, regulates blood pressure and its antioxidants decrease the risk of certain diseases

Grape Seed Extract: Increases blood flow to 1) boost metabolism, 2) inhibit fat deposits, 3) elevate energy levels and 4) burn calories faster 

Chromium: Speeds up fat burn, boosts muscle mass, regulates appetite and optimises insulin activity 


No side effects
Non-habit forming
100% vegetarian
Fills dietary gaps
Clinically researched ingredients
Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with ISO & FSSAI Certifications


” I have been using this product for nearly a month and have noticed a healthy weight loss, also feeling good and energetic ”      Mohit, 28, Pune

” Green coffee, Garcinia, chromium, Grape seed extract, green tea – all the items I needed in one combo ”   Vinita, 51, Nagpur


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